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President Obama Addresses the U.S.-Islamic World Forum

Today, the President addressed by video the U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar.  He outlined the actions the United States has taken since his speech in Cairo, Egypt last June, in which he called for a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world.  The President emphasized that the U.S is ending in the war in Iraq, creating partnerships to isolate violent extremists in Afghanistan, and pursuing a two-state solution that recognizes the rights and security of Palestinians and Israelis.

He  also described the government-wide approach the Administration is taking to create immediate and long-term programs and partnerships that seek to improve the daily lives of people in Muslim communities around the world.  All agencies and departments – from NASA and the Small Busines Administration to the Department of State and USAID – have worked together to implement a number of programs in the areas of education, entrepreneurship, health,  and science and technology.  For example, after holding thousands of listening sessions around the world, the U.S. has expanded exchange programs and online opportunities, forged a global recovery effort to create jobs in all regions of the world, launched a Global Technology and Innovation Fund to invest in technological development in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, worked with Saudi officials to address H1N1 to prepare for Hajj, and partnered with the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to eradicate polio.    

At home, senior officials across the Administration – including Attorney General Holder, Secretary Napolitano, and Secretary Locke – have engaged Muslim communities around the country, and today, John Brennan, the President’s top counter-terrorism advisor, will hold a town hall dialogue at the Islamic Center of New York University with students and community leaders from around the country.

As part of his commitment to continue to seek a new beginning with Muslim communities around the world, and to expand upon the partnerships he outlined in Cairo, I am honored and humbled that the President has asked me to serve as his Special Envoy to the OIC.  President Obama has emphasized that progress will be judged not by our words, but our actions, and I am committed to deepening the partnerships that he outlined in his visionary address last summer.   I look forward to updating you on the Administration’s efforts in these areas over the coming months.

Today’s remarks by President Obama in Doha are below:

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