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Not So Fast, YouTube

[Update: Chat will begin at 1:00PM EST]

If you were here at WhiteHouse.gov last week you may well have seen the President’s event answering questions submitted through YouTube by citizens across the country.  If you missed it, you can still watch the video of course.

But if you were one of the 64,969 people who cast 772,384 votes on 14,459 questions, and didn’t get your favorite question asked, all is not lost.  We pledged from the beginning that we would make an effort to answer some more of the questions after the President’s interview, and we’ll be following through tomorrow in a chat where we’ll take another round of questions submitted last week, along with some live questions in a chat run by YouTube. 

The chat will be at 12:45 EST with some of our key policy folks from the Domestic Policy Council, the National Economic Council, and the National Security Council.  Join the chat at YouTube.com/citizentube or through facebook.


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