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AARP Announces Support for Senate Health Reform Bill

For decades, Americans have talked about fixing our broken health care system.  Presidents from Truman to Nixon to Clinton have attempted and come up short.   Now, though, we’re far closer than ever before to signing into law real health insurance reform – reform that will give insured Americans unprecedented stability and security, make quality, affordable insurance available to every American,  and lower costs for American families, businesses, and the country as a whole.

And today the health insurance reform effort gained even more critical momentum as the AARP announced that it is supporting the Senate reform legislation. 

This announcement is truly a big deal.  For decades, the AARP has been on the front lines of the fight to cut health care costs and improve coverage for America’s seniors.  They’re supporting the passage of this bill because they know it will do just that.  It will add years to the life of Medicare, reduce out of pocket costs – including for preventive care and prescription drugs – and ensure higher quality care for our seniors.

"This bill will strengthen Medicare by eliminating cost barriers to preventive care, reform Medicare’s payment and delivery system to promote care coordination, and reduce hospital infections and preventable readmissions," AARP CEO A. Barry Rand wrote in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  “Moreover, through critical insurance market reforms and the establishment of exchanges, this bill will give the uninsured and small businesses access to quality affordable plans. The legislation also includes important provisions to strengthen home and community-based care and to assist individuals in saving to meet future long-term care needs.”

But the AARP’s support doesn’t just say a lot about what the bill will do.  It says a lot about what the bill won’t do.  It reaffirms that, for all the scary myths being spread by defenders of the status quo, nothing in reform will cut the Medicare benefits that have been guaranteed to America’s seniors.

It’s safe to say that the AARP would not be supporting reform if it wasn’t a good deal for seniors.

Here’s the money quote:  "With your commitment to closing the doughnut hole in conference, consistent with the President’s pledge, and the many positive features referenced above, AARP is pleased to support your efforts to obtain cloture, and urges timely passage of this legislation by the Senate."

So next time you hear the usual scary stories, it’s worth keeping this announcement in mind.

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