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Apply Today for the White House Internship Program

Ten months ago,  we launched the first internship application of this Administration. Since then, our program has grown to include a mentor and tutor program with nine partner DC high schools, a book drive as part of Summer of Service, a professional development speaking series, the launch of the DC Scholar program — the first internship program for DC high school students– and a complete online and paper free application process.

Today we launch the application for the Summer 2010 White House Internship Program application. We are excited about the past ten months and look forward to the next ten months and the Summer 2010 class applicants! Good luck.

To learn more about the Internship program, the application process, and who is eligible to apply for Internships, visit the White House Internship Program website.

Rachel Haltom-Irwin is the Director of the White House Internship Program

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